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OCaml Labs

The goal of OCaml Labs is to push OCaml and functional programming forward as a platform, making it a more effective tool for all users, including significant industrial users, while at the same time growing the appeal of the language, broadening its applicability and popularity. This will be achieved by a combination of technological advancements, creation of community infrastructure, and public communications. A core principle of OCaml Labs is that all the work will be freely released under open-source licenses, and efforts made to integrate work upstream (e.g to INRIA, who originally developed and have maintained OCaml since its release in 1996).

You can support OCaml via a charitible donation to OCaml Labs, which is a project within the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. Cambridge is a registered Charity and donations are often a tax-efficient and effective way to help expand your organisation's use of functional programming and ensure the long-term future of OCaml. If you'd like to discuss making a donation, please contact Anil Madhavapeddy for more information.

Current Funding

OCaml Labs is primarily funded by Jane Street with a platform grant for the first three years. It is also supported by Citrix Systems R&D. There are also several research grants associated with OCaml Labs:

Jane Street Citrix