OCaml 2019

The OCaml Users and Developers Workshop Berlin, Germany, August 23rd, 2019.

The OCaml Users and Developers Workshop brings together the OCaml community, including users of OCaml in industry, academia, hobbyists and the free software community.

The meeting is an informal community gathering of users of the language, library authors, and developers, using and extending OCaml in new ways.


Important dates

  • Friday 17th May (any time zone): Abstract submission deadline
  • Sunday 30th June: Author notification
  • Friday 23rd August: OCaml Workshop

Accepted Presentations

  • Codept, a whole-project dependency analyzer for OCaml Florian Angeletti
  • MirageOS 4: the dawn of practical build systems for exotic targets Lucas Pluvinage, Romain Calascibetta, Rudi Grinberg, Anil Madhavapeddy
  • Makecloud: Simple, Fast, Robust CI/CD for the modern era Adam Ringwood, Hezekiah Carty
  • The future of OCaml PPX: towards a unified and more robust ecosystem Nathan Rebours, Jeremie Dimino, Xavier Clerc, Carl Eastlund
  • CausalRPC: traceable distributed computation Craig Ferguson
  • The OCaml Platform in 2019 Anil Madhavapeddy, Gemma Gordon
  • Lessons from building a succinct blockchain with OCaml Nathan Holland
  • OwlDE: making ODEs first-class Owl citizens Marcello Seri, Ta-Chu Kao
  • Benchmarking the OCaml compiler: our experience Tom Kelly
  • Executing Owl Computation on GPU and TPU Jianxin Zhao

Additionally, there is an invited talk on recent developments and plans from the OCaml development team, given by Xavier Leroy.

Program Committee

  • David Allsopp, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Raja Boujbel, OCamlPro, France
  • Timothy Bourke, INRIA, France
  • Simon Cruanes, Imandra, USA
  • Emilio J├ęsus Gallego Arias, MINES ParisTech, France
  • Thomas Gazagnaire, Tarides, France
  • Ivan Gotovchits, CMU, USA
  • Hannes Mehnert, robur.io, Germany
  • Igor Pikovets, Ahrefs, Singapore
  • Thomas Refis, Jane Street Europe, UK
  • KC Sivaramakrishan, IIT Madras, India

Questions and contact

Please send any questions to the chair