Caml Consortium at Inria


The Caml Consortium federates the design and development of the OCaml language and its programming environment. The Consortium allow its members to demonstrate their interest in the OCaml language and express their support to its development. Moreover, they benefit of a specific license.

Membership is cheap (3500€, VAT excluded), but important, not only for the development of OCaml, its promotion and its dissemination, but also for its continuity.

Current Members

AI Ahrefs BeSport
Bloomberg CEA Citrix
Docker Esterel Technologies Facebook
Jane Street Kernelyze LLC Lexifi
Microsoft OCamlPro SimCorp

How to become a member?

In order to fully understand the Consortium membership, it is advised to read the Caml Consortium membership agreement and its appendices, which is online as PDF. Extra information about VAT are given in this information sheet.

If you agree with the Consortium clauses, you will then be able to fill in and send this adhesion form. Your request will be examined by an Inria representative, who will then officially send two copies of the agreement for signature.

Once the agreement is signed by a representative of your company/institution and by a representative of Inria, an invoice will be sent to you.