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Videos and Media


Many videos about OCaml can be found on vimeo or youtube.

For OCaml beginners these videos by John Whitington explain basic ideas about OCaml. They are good companion material to his books (the videos do not require or depend on them though).

Dan Ghica's Foundations of Computer Science lectures use OCaml.

The continuation of functional programming by other means, Xavier Leroy.

See also the longer Effective ML (2011, Harvard CS51), Part 1 and Effective ML (2011, Harvard CS51), Part 2.

Caml Trading that Yaron Minsky gave at CMU. It explains how the robustness, efficiency, and expressiveness of OCaml is used to outperform the competition in the financial world.

Experience Report: OCaml for an Industrial-strength Static Analysis Framework from Malcolm Wallace on Vimeo.